From Model to Madina by Karimah Bint Dawoud.

this is part of my biog in a matter of fact bullet points kind of way, where you will have to read betwen the lines until those lines get fleshed out.

Pre-Islamic Daze

Pre-Islamic Daze

• Was a fashion model in Zurich, Prêt a Porter, Paris, Mode Wochen, Munich, Igedo, Dusseldorf. London Fashion Week.
• Was a makeup artist for Gucci, Bride Magazine and Revlon.
• Spike Lee’s PA for do the Right Thing at Cannes film festival.
• Dated but not kissed,The Singer Formerly Known As Prince Played basket ball and went to see ” Terms Of Enderament “with him, dinner with him, Hollywood sign with him.
• Backing singer for Rory Bremner -19999999 nine teen! Top of the Pops and Wogan.

  • Toured Califronia with Aswad, reggae band at the height of their career.
    • Offered a record deal with Stock ,Aitkin and Waterman but turned it down.
    • Offered a music publishing deal by Wham’s manager Simon Napier Bell but turned it down.
    • The Sultan of Brunei said she is one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen.
    • Madame Ungaro of Bond Street said the same
    • Graduate of Central St Martins FINE ART DEGREE

karimah scatterbrook  june 14

• Converted to islam 11 years ago 2000 as she was looking for the Truth and interested in women rights

• Artist in residence Leighton House Museum for Festival of Muslim cultures, Sheikh Hamza Yusef asked to interview her mashallah for Saudi TV MBC.
• Now a Muslim chaplain and now offered scholarship to do Masters in Islamic Studies but turned it down to study Clinical Nutrition as fatness is a problem of the future. Does interfaith work relative to well being.
• A director of Karimah’s Cuisina faith based well being charity
• Author and photographer of “Heavenly Bites” cook book, “the best of Muslim home cooking”, out on Foyles, WH Smith and Amazon web sites.

• Part of Meanwhile Gardens committee, urban community garden with sky garden next to Trellick Tower, Ladbroke Grove, interested in British seasonal produce, working on next book, something more islamic :)

Saudi Muslimah in Madina Alhamdulilah

Saudi Muslimah in Madina Alhamdulilah

Favorite Quotes

“Food for one is enough for two” Islamic saying
” Heaven is at the feet of the mother” Islamic saying


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The fig is a delightful creation, a velvet sack full of juicy goodness that is readily available in our local Portobello Market, however as a family we yearn for the holidays when we can travel to warmer lands and the figs fall fresh off the trees.
Surat At-Tīn (The Fig) – سورة التي
Surat 95 verse 1
“ By the fig, and the olive, “ Pickthal translation
“I swear by the fig and the olive,” Shakir translation

There must be some great significance of these trees for Allah to swear by them.
In Islamic and Ayurvedic medicine the temperament of figs is hot and there are two opinion concerning its moisture.

The Fig

The Fig

The best figs according to Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah, in his book “Medicine of the Prophet” are the white figs, which cleanse the kidney and bladder of gravel and give protection from poisons.

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Seasonal Butternut Squash & Lemon Grass Soup

Seasonal Butternut Squash & Lemon Grass Soup recipe in my book,”Heavenly Bites, the Best of Muslim Home Cooking ” easy to cook step by step recipes.

The book  got great reviews from Emel magazine, Saudi Amraco magazine and winner of the Gormund Award in Paris for Best Arab Cook Book 2013, maashallah.

Sorry the cover has got meat on, I dont mean to offend any one, it was released over 3 years ago thing have moved on from then to more emphasis on a plant based diet witha little meat and fish

lemon grass squash soup

heavenly bites gourmand awardgourmand award

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First and foremost we must high light that animal milk is not suitable for all body temperament types. People are genuinely lactose intolerant, even of raw pure milk from cows that live a natural life.
When nutritionists advise some clients to avoid milk products, this advice doesn’t sit well with some people of faith, knowing that milk is mentioned in the Sacred Scriptures .Not only the in Abrahamic faiths but in the Hindu Vedas, milk is integral to the culture itself and the cow is seen as the holy mother feeding her offspring.
However its vital to remember that most of the Islamic scholars that have written about Islamic medicine , including nutrition, are not from this century , nor the last century.
They are revered scholars from the Golden Age of Islam, who lived in a time where organic framing was normal .
We imagine that the milk we drink comes from cows that live in a field and eat green grass every day…not true.
It is important to understand the distinct difference between natural raw milk, flowing from cows that eat green grass and are care for and loved and commercial milk that comes from cows that have zero natural grazing.

Cows are Sacred

Cows are Sacred

Although milk is mentioned in the Quran and other Sacred Scriptures, most of the milk we drink today is full of growth hormones ,anti-biotics and from unloved cows. It is not actually a great source of protein and spinach , gramme for gramme give you about the same amount of calcium. According to Patrick Holford, author of the Optimum Nutrition Bible, no matter how much diary you consume, if your blood is too acidic, which basically means not enough greens, then the calcium will not be absorbed. Seriously we would be better off getting our calcium from greens and having organic milk as a treat for rice pudding etc.

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Karimah’s Lifestyle Design
It’s just started to get a little chilly at the morning and people love porridge. The spices are optional but are healthly ,wise ,beneficial , mainly anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic. Fantastic food to eat after training, home made spicy porridge made with cashew milk. It’s packed with L-Arginine, which is a necessary amino-acid for converting protein. It’s also good for the heart, blood vessels and immune system. It is important to remember when we get our nutrients from whole foods as opposed to tablets and processed training formulas, that there are hundreds if not thousands of un-identified components in the wholefoods that enhance absorption and well being.

Perfect Porridge

Perfect Porridge

We like to pre-soak the oats as it makes for quicker cooking time and optimum nutrition and digestion.
Here’s an extract from Nourishing Traditions which explains the reason why oats need to be soaked better than I could -
All grains contain phytic acid (an organic acid in which phosphorous is bound) in the outer layer or bran. Untreated phytic acid can combine with calcium, magnesium, copper, iron especially zinc in the intestinal track and block their absorption. This is why a diet high in unfermented whole grains may lead to serious mineral deficiencies and bone loss. The modern misguided practice of consuming large amounts of unprocessed bran often improves colon transit time at first but may lead to irritable bowel syndrome and, in the long term, many other adverse effects. Soaking allows enzyme, lactobacilli and other helpful organisms to break down and neutralize phytic acid. As little as seven hours of soaking in warm acidulated water will neutralize a large portion of phytic acid in grains. The simple practice of soaking cracked or rolled cereal grains overnight will vastly improve their nutritional benefits.

INGREDIENTS for single portion
• 50- 100g porridge oats (pre-soaked) depends on your size and if you are training.
• ½ -1 tsp cinnamon powder
• ½- 1 tsp turmeric/haldi powder
• ½- 1 tsp ginger powder
• 1 banana
• 234ml milk nut milk like almond or cashew for cooking
• 125 milk for serving
• Fresh or cooked fruit and/or clear honey, to serve


1. Soak the oats in water for at least 8 hours , allowing them to ferment
2. Then drain liquid off through colander and place in a small saucepan,
3. pour in the milk
4. Add spices and stir
5. Add banana

6. .Bring to the boil while stirring then turn down very low with lid on for 4-5 minutes, stirring from time to time and watching carefully that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.
7. Leave to stand for 2 minutes before eating.
8. It will be really hot , so add more cold milk and add fruit and./or honey and stir in
9. Enjoy
Karimah’s Lifestyle Design, here to empower you

Further reading

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MILK…The Facts

MILK…Although milk is mentioned in the Quran and other Sacred Scriptures, most of the milk we drink today is full of growth hormones ,anti-biotics and from unloved cows.. It is not actually a great source of protein and spinach , gramme for gramme give you about the same amount of calcium. According to Patrick Holford, author of the Optimum Nutrition Bible, no matter how much diary you consume, if your blood is too acidic, which basically means not enough greens, then the calcium will not be absorbed. Seriously we would be better off getting our calcium from greens and having organic milk as a treat for rice pudding etc.

Calcium Foods That Alkali Your Blood

Calcium Foods That Alkali Your Blood

Protein: milk is not the best source of protein. There are 3.4g of protein in 100 grammes of milk, there are 32.97g of protein in 100 grammes of pumpkin seeds.

Vitamin A:.Milk has 47 IU in 100 grammes, carrots have17033 IU that’s over 300% the DV daily value

Vitamin B12: Shellfish, beef liver,fish(mackerel),crab, tofu, fortified bran cereals and beef all have more vitamin B12 than milk.Per 100 grammes whole milk has 18% DV of vitamin B12 whereas 100 grammes of mackerel has 317%DV
Vitamin B6: Per 100grammes of milk there is 0.04mg of vitamin B6 , 100 grammes of sunflower seeds have 1.35mg of vitamin B6,which is 67% DV(daily value),
Vitmain B2 Riboflavin: spinach, beet greens, asparagus,mushrooms and eggs all ahev more riboflavin that milk, however milk is still a pretty good source of riboglavine,. 1 cup of spinahcx contains 0.42 millogrammes of the vitmaomnad 1 cup of whole milk contains 0.22 mg.
Vitamin B3 Niacin: almonds have 1.10mg (60% DV) in 100 grammes, organic milk has 0.1 grammes in 100 grammes of whole milk.
Vitain b1 Thiamine:100 grammes of trout has 0.43 grammes (28% DV) and 100 grammes of milk has 0.107 mg of thiamine

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The Good Heart Doctor


“Modern medicine is in fact one of the leading causes of death in the United States”, Dr. Dean , author,Death by Modern Medicine, 2003.
The Drug Cycle

The Drug Cycle

Please have good think and pray salat ul istikhara(guidance prayer) before embarking on a career in medicine, if you are doing it just for the money and prestige then an attitude like that is dangerous when people’s lives are concerned, you would be better off in law or banking.There is an etiquette in Islam pertaining to medical ethics,firstly in the application of medicine, the patient should make duaa/pray for shifr and ease, secondly simple medicine like councelling,herbs, nutrition, aromatherapy should be used, if that fails to remedy the situation then compound medicine like pharmaceuticals should be used , then finally surgery.Modern Medicien that is practiced by Muslims as well as the wider community, often neglects to go through the first two stages and jumps to tablets, vacinations and surgery to the benefit of the bank balances of doctors,pharmacists, surgeons and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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OCTOBER UK- Seaonal Produce

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Acid Alkali Foods

Acid Alkali Foods

Alkali Foods

Alkali Foods

1st Witness
PO Box 50499
W8 9FD

Mobile: +44(0)7947766356


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Steroids In Your Steak Maybe Affecting Your Sex Life.
By Karimah bint Dawoud, Clinical Nutritionist & Muslim Chaplain.
You may want to think twice before you spend your money buying hubby steak to wet his fancy. I know I wouldn’t do it, alhmdulilah.
Unless the meat is free range or organic is most likely that the cheap chicken, lamb and beef we buy has been injected, since it was a young animal, with growth hormones which are, in effect, steroids.
I know body builders, including some Muslim celebrity sheikhs who take steroids to pump up the volume, although I have warned them against it.
But we consume the same growth hormone steroids in that cheap meat chicken, steaks and chops we buy.
These growth hormones we consume, have an effect on male sexual development according to the organic center and the organic consumers association.

Steroid Growth Hormones in Beef, Chicken & Lamb, Halal or not, doesn't make much difference

Steroid Growth Hormones in Beef, Chicken & Lamb, Halal or not, doesn’t make much difference

Today, there are six anabolic steroids given, in various combinations, to nearly all animals entering conventional beef feedlots in the U.S. and Canada:

* Three natural steroids (estradiol, testosterone, and progesterone), and
* Three synthetic hormones (the estrogen compound zeranol, the androgen trenbolone acetate, and progestin melengestrol acetate).
In 1988 the use of steroids was banned in UK , however that doesn’t let us off the hook because the beef we may be buying could very well be from the states or Canada.
In Islamic medicine books by scholars like al Qayyim ibn Jawziyyah beef should not be eaten except by those who do a strenuous days work and in those days that was beef without steroids.

In America , a study as carried out called “ Study For Future Families” and they found that those males born to women who had “low beef “ diet was 24% more concentrated sperm count than to those makes born to women who ate beef meal more than 4.5 times a week.
They also found out that those male born to high beef eater had a sperm concentration 18% lower that The World Health Organisation sub fertility levels…hmmm very interesting way to control population dynamics. I would also question these figures , regarding the total amount of beef meals to be consumed and low sperm count ,with even less beef meals because these consumers are probably consuming enough diary as well, the good ole American diet, containing outputs of the hormones in the female cows to produce milk and any study coming out of the States regarding beef has to regarded as dubious because it is one of the main products of the States, as well as one of their top commodities on the stock exchange.
Allah knows best.
Mental health is also affected by anabolic steroids; depression, aggression and concentration problems are all exacerbated by steroids , according to Claudia Fahlke, director at CERA. CERA, is the University of Gothenburg’s Centre for Education and Research on Addiction.
According to The National Institute Of Drug Abuse, studies show that anabolic steroids that are used in high does cause irritability and aggression.
We can see, when we join that dots, that eating beef once in a while is ok, however the short term , regular consumption of beef by those of us with a sedentary life style will cause indigestion, heart and arteries issues and weight gain. In the long term beef as well as other meats containing anabolic steroids, will not only affect our health but the health and fertility of future generation to coming, if at all we are able to produce any sperm that is capable of impregnating. Halal or not halal, it wouldn’t make any difference because the steroids are in the muscle tissue and organs not just the drained blood.
Something worth thinking about next time you feel like impressing hubby with a steak dinner…no thank you..and we haven’t even touched on mad cow disease yet 

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